Halloween Specialty Items

Ghoulish Treats & Decor for All to enjoy


Artfully Decorated in Seasonal Shapes

Bat, Ghost, Candy Corn, Mummy $2.50 each 


 Witches Hat, Trick-or-treat bags.... $3.00

Dracula, Frankenstein, Bride of Frankenstein & Spider...$3.50

Cookie Cakes

Choose from any of our flat cookie varieties  

Chocolate Chip, M&M, Cinnamon Oatmeal, Dark Chocolate Coconut, White Chocolate Almond, Carrot cake, Peanut Butter & Snickerdoodle

12" Round (Serves 12-14)...$21.50

Seasonal Cookies

Pumpkin Thumbprints: A pumpkin spice flavored thumbprint sanded in cinnamon and sugar topped with pumpkin spice icing.

Halloween Celebration Thumbprints: A traditional vanilla thumbprint rolled in festive Halloween sprinkles topped with vanilla buttercream icing

M&M Thumbprint: Our signature chocolate thumbprint cookie rolled in M&M candies topped with fudge icing.

Cookies & Scream: Our signature chocolate thumbprint cookie rolled in festive Halloween sprinkles topped with cookies & scream icing 



Vanilla, Chocolate, Peanut Butter,

Chocolate Walnut & Oreo  

Buckeyes……………$12.00 doz.


Decorated with Confetti & Festive Plastic Pick…......$9.75 Half Doz.

Hand Drawn Characters…$2.00 each  

Mummy, Pumpkin/Jack-o-Lantern,

Spider in a web


Cupcake Cakes & Shaped Cakes 

Pumpkin, Ghost, Jack-o-Lantern, Bat, Candy Corn

Spider Web, Witch Boots or  Frankenstein Face

(Designs are based upon serving quantity. Cupcake cakes must serve a minimum of a dozen. Price is based on amount of servings-

call for details) 

Seasonal Torte Cakes & Dessert Cupcakes 

Pumpkin Cream Cheese: A pumpkin spice flavored batter filled with pumpkin cream cheese icing, iced in pumpkin spice buttercream, garnished with a pumpkin cookie crumb.

Pumpkin Maple Pecan: Alternating layers of pumpkin spice & maple flavored batters, filled and iced in maple icing, garnished with pecans.

Apple Cinnamon: An apple cinnamon flavored batter, filled with apple filling, iced in cinnamon buttercream topped with a dollop of apple filling, dusted with cinnamon & sugar.

Cinnamon Roll: A cinnamon batter, filled with cream cheese icing, iced in a vanilla buttercream garnished with a cinnamon streusel.

Maple Nut: A maple flavored batter, filled with walnut filling, iced in maple buttercream, garnished with ground walnuts.

Caramel Apple: A caramel flavored batter, filled with apple filling, iced in vanilla buttercream,  topped with caramel.

Raisin Spice: A spice batter, filled with raisin filling, iced with vanilla buttercream, dusted with cinnamon & garnished with raisins

Cookies & Scream: 

M&M Thumbprints
M&M Thumbprints
Cookies & Scream Torte
Cookies & Scream Torte
Cookies & Scream
Cookies & Scream