About Us


Barton’s Flowers and Gifts opened under the ownership of Jan and Cheryl Barton in August, 1982 as a small three room flower and gift shop.  Having a strong foundation in Christian beliefs, Jan and Cheryl knew that they had the hope and desire to grow their business.  Within two years of opening in 1982, Barton acquired the nine room store front, located at 311 S. 2nd Avenue, and has served the Elizabeth community for nearly 36 years. 

Jan and Cheryl not only grew their business but their family as well.   The Barton’s were blessed with four children: Tyler, Corrine, Hillary, and Hailey, who were proud to be part of their family business. 

Twin daughters Hillary and Hailey made the decision, with the love and support of their father and mother, in 2013 to use their education and skills gained from their studies of Art Education and Family and Consumer Sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania to expand the family business once more. The family joined together in making their dreams of owning a bakery a reality by combining their attributes and love of baking

to their family’s floral & gift shop.

Today, Hillary and Hailey’s complete assortment of cookies, cakes, cupcakes, donuts, pastries, pies, and seasonal confections stay true to their traditional family recipes.  Whether it is something decadently chocolate, moist and delicious, soft and chewy, rich and creamy or lightly sweet and flaky, we have a sweet treat to satisfy any sweet tooth!!!

Barton’s Flowers & Bake Shop is nothing sort of unique, from its signature thumbprint cookies that are offered in traditional selection such as walnut and chocolate sprinkle to variations like maple pecan, raspberry almond and triple chocolate. Hillary’s four layer Torte Cakes would wow you with the decadent display of flavors that stay tried and true to tradition, like Toasted Almond French Cream, Carrot Cake, Red Devils Food & German Chocolate. Barton’s signature Black Raspberry torte is most popular but contemporary combinations such as Cookies and Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip & Peanut Butter Fudge follow close behind. 


Handmade custom designed and decorated cut-out sugar cookies are not only eye appealing but tasty too. These works of art are tailored for celebrations from birthdays, baby announcements, commencements to any holiday celebration. It is not hard to see that everyone at Barton’s Flowers & Bake Shop wants to show our community that “love is at the heart of our business”. 

Lead Baker


Lead Decorator


Baking Team 

— Hailey Barton, Lead Baker, Owner 

Glenna, Maddy, Brittany 

Decoration Team

— Hillary Medved, Lead Decorator, Owner

Angela, Glenna, Jackie, Brittany 

Storefront Team

— Tyler Barton, Manager, Owner 

Chrissy, Kelly, Lauren, Delaney, 

Sales Associates 

Floral Team

— Mr. Jan Barton, Owner 

Mary, Designer 

Pam, Designer