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How can I place a custom cake or cupcake order? 

We ask that all orders be placed by phone or in person with a storefront team member. We are unable to accept your initial order by e-mail or social media message.  However, we will direct you to send images for photo references. This allows for our bakery to be effective in communication of details pertaining to each custom order. Custom cake and cupcake orders must be placed a minimum of 1 week in advance so that our decorating team members may have sufficient time to hand draw and artfully decorate your cake or cupcakes. 


Can Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop replicate a photo of cut-outs that I found on the internet?

Yes! We are able to replicate images. Due to the hand-drawn style of our cakes and cupcakes, each design is an individual work of art. Decoration and craftsmanship my differ slightly. It is our goal to design a beautiful hand-drawn cake or cupcake(s) to meet the expectations of every custom order. 

We ask that all images be sent to our email address, Please provide your full name, date of pick-up, and phone number. Using any other social media platform will not guarantee that we have received your image. 


How far in advance do I need to plan and place an order for custom cake order? 

Custom cake orders must be placed in a 1 week in advance so that our baking and decorating team members have sufficient time to bake and artfully decorate your order. When placing a tiered cake order, we ask that the order is placed 2 weeks in advance. If a next day order is available to be taken, we ask that the pick-up time be after 2pm. 


What styles of cakes can Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop Design?

We specialize in buttercream icing hand-drawn art. Traditional round and sheet style cakes are most commonly used for decorating. Non-traditional square cakes are offered by order only. Contemporary styled cakes such as, naked, semi- iced naked, shaped cakes, fruit & flower styles,  drip cakes, and torte cakes, are examples of the many cake styles that we offer. Tiered cakes may be designed with either round or square cakes. Enhancements such as, edible images and decorative character kits are available.  Custom cake toppers, cake accessories and other toys may be provided to Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop to design any cake decoration. 6 inch round , 8 inch round and quarter sheet cakes are available in our store. These cakes will are decorated with seasonal flowers & balloons and are also available in an assortment of torte style flavors. 


What styles of cupcakes can Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop design?

Our cupcakes can range in style from traditionally decorated to elaborate, including, gourmet batters and fillings. Our decoration team strives to create visually appealing individual works of art. Cupcake cakes can also be created to represent a traditional cake style with the convenience of individual servings. Decoration is not limited and can be customize for any cupcake cake. To design a cupcake cake, you must have a  minimum of 12 servings. 


How are cakes and cupcakes priced? 

Cakes - are priced by flavor of batter, filling, icing, and detail in decoration. Seasonal buttercream flowers or buttercream balloons, and a phrase are included in the basic cost. Any other decoration enhancements such as hand-drawn characters, edible images, and decorative character kits will increase the price. Tiered cakes are priced based on servings. A decoration cost will be added if decoration exceeds seasonal buttercream flowers.

Cupcakes - are individually priced dependent on flavor of batter, filling, icing, and detail in decoration. Price begins with a traditional batter cupcake with a vanilla buttercream rosette. Additional enhancements such as colored or flavored buttercream, glitter, shimmer, metallic, airbrushing, and hand-drawn tops will increase the price. Cakes and cupcake(s) orders can be modified to accommodate price budget. We strive to design the perfect cakes and cupcakes for your budget and style. 


Is it necessary to place a deposit for cake and cupcake orders? 

We ask that any order that is priced $35.00 or more, has a 50% deposit on the cost of the placed order. This deposit is non-refundable. We ask that when placing an order, you are certain of details, quantity and decoration. Once given a formal total, the deposit is then due. No changes, alterations or modification can be made after the 50% deposit is made. If the 50% deposit is not placed, your order will not be made. Making the deposit will confirm your custom order.

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