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Q & A:Cut-outs


How can I place a custom cut-out cookie order? 

We ask that all custom cut-out cookie orders are placed by phone or in person with a storefront team member. This allows for our bakery to be effective in communication of details pertaining to each custom order. We are unable to accept your initial order by e-mail or social media message. If needed, we will direct you to send an email or print a reference image after placing your order in person or by phone. Custom cut-out cookie orders must be placed a minimum of 1 week in advance so that our decorating team members may have sufficient time to hand draw and artfully decorate your cookies. 


Can Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop replicate a photo of cut-outs that I found on the internet?

Yes! We are able to replicate images. Decoration and craftsmanship may differ slightly, due to each cookie being an individual work of art. Our goal is to design a beautiful, hand-drawn cookie to meet the expectations of every custom order. 


How far in advance do I need to plan and place an order for custom cut-outs? 

Custom cut-out cookie orders must be placed a minimum of 1 week  in advance so our decorating team members may have sufficient time to hand draw and artfully decorate your cookies. When placing a cut-out order that is in the quantity of 4 dozen or more, we ask for the order to be placed 2 weeks in advance. If you desire to have your cookies individually packaged, orders need to be placed 1 week in advance to allow adequate time for baking, decorating and packaging. 


Is there a specific quantity of cookies that are required to place a custom cut-out order? 

Yes! We ask that a custom cut-out order must be at least 1 doz. of cookies.  If you have specific questions about your design please call or stop into the bakery to discuss your options.   


How will my custom cut-outs be packaged for pick-up? 

All cookies are placed in a bakery box for transportation. We do offer other packaging options such as, displaying cookies on a tray, or individually package cookies in a cellophane bag with a coordinating bow. These other packaging options are for an additional cost. Displaying cookies on a tray are dependent on the quantity ordered. There is a minimum of 6 individual cookies for individual packaging. 


How are custom cut-out cookies priced? 

Custom cut-out cookies are priced individually depending on size and decoration. Additional enhancements such as, glitter, shimmer, metallics, airbrushing, and hand painting will increase price. Cookie orders can be modified to accommodate budget. We strive to design the perfect cookies for your budget and style. 


Is it necessary to place a deposit for cookie orders? 

We ask that any order that is priced $35.00 or more, has a 50% deposit on the cost of the placed order. This deposit is non-refundable. We ask that when placing an order, you are certain of details, quantity and decoration. Once given a formal total, the deposit is then due. No changes, alterations or modification can be made after the 50% deposit is made. If the 50% deposit is not placed, your order will not be made. Making the deposit will confirm your custom order.

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