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Q & A:Wedding


How far in advance should I plan to order my wedding cake?

The ideal time to discuss your wedding details is six months to a year before your wedding. If your wedding planning timeline  is less than 6 months, we ask that your visions and intent are finalized 3 months prior to your wedding date. All wedding details must be made permanent 14 days before your wedding date. 


How do I contact Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop to schedule a cake tasting & flower consultation

Please call our shop at 412-384-9370 and ask to speak with Hillary. If Hillary is unavailable when you call, a team member will gather your name and number and Hillary will call you back as soon as possible. We are unable to return inquiries by email or social media messages.


When are tastings & consultations available? 

Tastings & consultations are available by appointment only. We offer select times Monday through Thursday between 7am and 4:30pm.  We also offer Saturday appointments on select weekends during the year. Please call Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop to schedule your appointment.


How many guests can I bring to the cake tasting & consultation meeting? 

Cake tasting and consultations are a time for bride(s) & groom(s) to share their vision with the decorator and designer. We ask that guests are limited to two extra individuals so that the focus can be directed on clearly communicating important details. If you would like to share your sample flavors with family members,  we  ask that you inform Hillary when scheduling  your appointment. At that time we can make a note and would  be happy to make any additional servings for you to take home. These additional servings are $2.50 each. 


What styles of cakes can Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop design for my wedding? 

Our cake designer is capable of creating many styles of wedding cakes. We appreciate when our bride(s) and groom(s) are prepared with visual  examples. This helps our decorator fully understand your ideas as it is your big day, and we want to meet your expectations. Please look to our wedding page to see the cakes we have created in the past. *These photos are not limiting to what we can design for your wedding cake*


What type of floral arrangements can Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop design for my wedding? 

Flower selections are based on what is seasonally available. The floral team uses their years of experience, their knowledge of styles and their skillful designs to create the visions of our customers. We offer wedding day essentials from bouquets &  boutonnieres to  reception venue decor.   Additionally, flowers for family members, memorial flowers,  altar & ceremony decorations, and various other special arrangements are available to create.  


Since Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop can provide both bakery and floral services, do I have to select both options for my wedding day? 

It is truly the choice of the bride(s) & groom(s) on whether both bakery and flowers are provided from Barton's Flowers & Bake Shop. We offer the convenience of having the "One Stop Shop" for your wedding day ease, however, we are also pleased to serve you in one area. 


How do deposits and payment plans work? 

After your consultation and/or tasting, bride(s) and groom(s) have 4 weeks to place a non-refundable $50 deposit to hold and confirm your wedding date. Placing this initial deposit will hold your date even if all details are not final. If you have a shortened wedding date timeline,  the initial $50 deposit must be made for all weddings no later than 3 months prior to your set wedding date. Once details are discussed and a price is quoted, you will be asked to make periodic payments based on your wedding timeline. If changes are made to any wedding details the price may vary.. 


In the event that my booked wedding must be cancelled, what can I expect

In the case that your wedding must be cancelled the initial $50 deposit is nonrefundable to all bride(s) & groom(s). 

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