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Q & A:holiday


Is it necessary to place an order for the holidays?

Yes! Holidays are a wonderful time to gather with loved ones and friends, but time tends to move quickly during the holiday season. We ask that you browse our special pages on our website under the Seasonal tab to gather ideas of what you would like to have for your holiday desserts. To ensure that you receive the products and services that you desire, plan ahead and place an order before the holiday ordering deadlines. We strive to have a fully stocked storefront with all of our seasonal treats, so that you may have the opportunity to pick-up additional items. We do not suggest relying only on storefront items if there are specific baked goods that you want for your holiday gathering. We recommend that our customers always place an order. 


Are there deadlines to place holiday orders?  

Yes! There are deadlines for holiday ordering. We create these deadlines to ensure the time to bake, decorate, and package orders. Placing an order before our deadlines allows our customers the assurance that they will receive the items that they desire. If our customers miss the deadline, the storefront will be fully stocked to the best of our ability. We do not suggest relying only on storefront items as they may be purchased quickly. Refer to the Seasonal pages to review the holiday ordering deadlines.   


When picking-up holiday orders, is there a way to eliminate the hustle and bustle?

Yes! To avoid any unforeseen wait times, we ask that you pre-pay for your holiday orders before your desired pick-up date. We also ask for your patience and understanding with our storefront team, as the holidays are the busiest times of the year.

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