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Valentine's Day

Chocolate Covered Strawberries
$18.00/small pkg.
$36.00/large phg.


Cutout Cookies

$3.00 Shapes
 Assorted Hearts


Occasion Cakes
6” Round/$16.50
8" Round/$29.50
6” Heart Shaped/$20.50
8" Heart Shaped/$35.50
Torte Cakes
6” Round/$24.50
8" Round/$39.50

Featured Torte cakes &
dessert cupcakes

Triple Chocolate
A chocolate batter filled & iced in chocolate fudge buttercream, garnished with chocolate ganache and chocolate curls.

Red Devils Food
A red devils food batter, filled with cream cheese icing, iced in vanilla buttercream, garnished with red devil’s food cake crumb.

Black Raspberry
A black raspberry flavored batter, filled with black raspberry iced in vanilla buttercream.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry
Alternating layers of chocolate & raspberry cake batter, filled with black raspberry, iced in chocolate fudge buttercream & garnished with chocolate curls & dollops of black raspberry filling.

Wedding Raspberry
A white almond flavored batter filled with red raspberry, iced in vanilla buttercream, garnished with sugar toasted almonds & white ganache.  

White House

A white almond batter, filled with cherry whip & cherry, iced in vanilla buttercream tinted pink garnished with candied cherries.
Mixed Berry
A white vanilla batter, filled with mixed berry (strawberry, blueberry & red raspberry) iced in vanilla buttercream, garnished with white chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
A chocolate batter filled with a rich raspberry truffle filling, iced in vanilla buttercream, garnished with chocolate ganache & dollops of red raspberry filling.

Cookies & Cream
A cookies & cream batter, filled & iced in cookies & cream buttercream, garnished with Oreo cookies.

 Strawberry & Cream
A strawberry flavored batter filled & iced in strawberry whip garnished with white chocolate ganache.
Valentine's Day Confetti
A white vanilla batter with Valentine's Day colored sprinkles baked in, filled with sprinkle confetti cream cheese icing, & iced in vanilla buttercream.

Heart Shaped Brownies
sizes available:
6" ...$15.50 

8" ....$22.50

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