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what to know when placing an order


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Ordering Details: 

- To ensure the availability of our products please place an order via phone or by visiting our storefront one week

in advance. During the holiday season we have designated deadlines that are indicated on the specific holiday website page, on social media and on print flyers available at our storefront. 

- Orders placed by Email are NOT accepted at this time. 

- Due to our production schedule, orders that need changed, can be done within 72 hours of pick-up date.  Changes may be subject to additional costs depending on the changes being made to the original order.

- Orders cannot be changed within 48 hours of pick up date.

- If an order needs to be cancelled or rescheduled for any reason, we as for this to be done in person or over the phone with one of the management team, at least 72 hours prior to the order date.  If a cancellation is desired, it will be in the form of a store credit approved by a manager on a case by case basis. No cancellations or orders will be accepted via e-mail.

Tips for safe handling, transportation, storage, and consumption of your baked goods:

- When planning to purchase and/or pick-up baked goods, ensure that you will have the appropriate space needed in your vehicle for proper transportation. - Do not travel with baked goods in the trunk of your vehicle when weather is over 65 degrees, on seats, in direct sun light or in the direct line of floor heating.

- For optimum travel, place goods on a flat surface securing the box to prevent shifting. 

- If traveling with a layered cake, filled cake, specialty cake, tiered cake or cookie tray, drive slowly with caution to prevent sudden stops and turns that can damage the product. 

- Keep products in air-conditioning if outside temperature is over 65 degrees.

- Refrigerate items as marked. To insure safe travel and storage, once to your destination, keep layered cake, filled cake, specialty cake, tiered cake, cream pies or goods with chocolate fudge or chocolate decoration in refrigerator or cool, dry air-conditioning even if not specified as a “refrigerate” item.

- Remove cake from refrigeration 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to serving.

- Once leaving the premise of Barton’s Flowers and Bake Shop, INC., we are no longer responsible for the condition of your product. Any repairs to the product will be subject to additional charges.

Food Allergy Notice:

- Please be advised that food prepared in this facility may contain these ingredients: Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soybean, Peanuts, Tree nuts and food dyes.

- Products may contain non-edible decoration.


Thank You,

Barton’s Flowers and Bake Shop, INC.

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